I’ve Missed You So!

I’m sorry it’s been so long, but there’s no need to get so worked up…

Omg FabNerds, it has been forever! So between my crazy 24/7 2-Job summer and coming back to the fabulous state of New York where I have to finish a degree and what not, I just have not been able to really sit and blog like I should. I feel totally guilty. And awful. And bummed. I mean, this always happens. I think I’m going to blog my little heart out and then I get distracted and I look up and it’s been four months since my last post.

So here’s what I think. I think I put too much pressure on myself. I think I try to have all these crazy posting schedules and theme days, and I don’t think it helps me like it should. My new goal is to try and post once a week. I don’t know what on what day I will be posting or if it will be the same every week. I have no clue what I will be writing about.

I just want to write this blog and if I can get into a good rhythm posting just once a week for a while I think I can be happy. Writing this blog should not be stressful.

So let’s talk about this week’s post? I figured, FabNerds, that you have an idea about what “working crazy hours” and “trying to graduate college” looks like so I thought I’d update you on some other things I have been doing since my last post. Here’s the top ten…


1. Watching LOL

If you have seen this movie please comment here or tweet me (@TheFabJessGoing) so we can immediately talk about it. I am obsessed. Did you know if was based on a French film called LOL: Laughing Out Loud? I’m hosting a theme party where we watch them back to back and compare. I will be dressed up as that little girl who looks like Joan of Arc….

2. Being G-List Twitter Famous

@TheFabJessGoing…Come on. 101 other people did it!

That’s right. As of right now, I have 101 followers– that’s right, be jelly. And not just randos, but really cool people. Published Authors, WE TV “Celebrities”, People With Awesome Taste in Television… this is the caliber of tweeters I attract. People just love my Romeo and Juliet live tweets (god, it was horrid). You should follow me too.

3. Deciding  To Finally Read Rob Lowe’s Book or Not

Rob and I are friends? He doesn’t follow me on twitter…

I just bought it on my Kindle, but I’m still unsure. Everyone says it’s fantastic, but I don’t even really know who he is. Except that he was the best part of Behind The Candelabra . What do you think FabNerds? Should I become one of RL’s friends?

4. Learning A TON About Skin Care

Like, for realz. If you want to know how to figure out your skin type and how to get on a good five-year moisturizer regime I got your back. You wanna talk super foods? Watermelon and Tomatoes, baby. I can solve everyone’s skin care issues. Most important thing I’ve learned: Shea Butter is bad for Eczema and Dermatitis. Question I Still Can’t Answer: Are Eczema and Dermatitis the same thing? Comment Bellow! 

5. Pinning Pics of Dolce And Gabbana Ads

I can’t stop. I think they are so cool. It makes me want to find really sexy Italian relatives to yell at. You can find them on my personal Pinterest HERE. And if you want to see some of the sweet pics added to the N&F Pinterest you can find some cool things HERE.

6. Working on My Senior Project

Directed by ME!

Directed by ME!

I know, I know. This isn’t supposed to be a list about school or work or both, but you’re gonna here about it eventually so why not now? I’m directing a play. Written by my friend and future Pulitzer winner. It’s about the Tower of Babel. And Lesbians. It opens in March and is going to kick ass (I hope) . Just look at the Amazballs* poster we had for auditions!

7. Online Shopping


It’s effing Amazon man! They make everything so easy. But I finally cancelled my Hulu Plus account, so I think I’m finally heading in the right direction. My accountant friend I went to Paris with says I should keep and expense journal. She’s not wrong. But I’m afraid to face that particular reality right now…

8. Trying to Be Best Friends with Mindy Kaling

BFFs Please?

She’s smart and pretty and funny. Her show is the shit. We’re both form kinda-Boston and have our credit card info memorized. Plus have you read this blog post about her love of Jonathan Adler? I have been in love with JA for ever! I even have one of his pillows! I think it’s destiny…


I am a beast at this game, which is really cool since it’s the only game that is not Candy Land that I am good at. “Broadway Baby” and “Blockbuster” decks are my Jam. I do not even care how pathetic it is to wait around with a group of people until I can casually ask “Hey. Do you wanna play Heads Up?” only to totally crush them. I love this game and I. Do. Not. Care.

10. Sharing Inspirational/Self-Affirming Photos On Facebook 


But I keep the privacy setting at “ONLY ME” so as to not let the world see that I need rainbow messages from “Spread Joy” to make me feel better.

…And that’s all I’ve been doing lately. Hope everything is well with you, FabNerds.

See You Next Week,



* So I’m trying to start using “Amazballs” with out sounding totally idiotic. Did it work?


Monday Music

‘ Dolly Parton is my Spirit Animal

Good Evening FabNerds. How was your Monday? Mine was stressful and, I don’t  know about you, but when I’m stressed I need to sit back with some Yogi Tea and listen to different covers of one of my favorite songs on Youtube. Tonight it was the Dolly Parton classic “Jolene”.

Now, I am not the biggest country music fan – but I am a big Dolly fan (did you know she’s written over 3,000 and has been married to her husband for 45 years?) and “Jolene” is just a lovely little tune that – despite it’s sad tale – always makes me feel better.



Now that you’re up to speed with Dolly, let’s break down some covers. And just a reminder FabNerds: I know I’ve said this before, but if you see a cover you like, you should click the link to their youtube page of that artist and support them. Especially the unknowns. I didn’t ask permission to use these videos, so the least we can do is present a supportive environment for new music. And without any further ado…





This video by K McManus is a perfect into to watching cover videos. Very standard; a bedroom and and acoustic guitar and a sweet voice. It’s nothing new, but it’s certainly enjoyable. I would also check out her cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel” is also really cool. I’d check it out if I were you.





Youtube’s Natalie Lungley and her nameless guitar-weilding side kick are breaking down this song a bit more. It’s sad and sleepy listening to this and that’s how we like it. I also find it adorable when people outside of the US do country covers (I’m looking at you Keith Urban).





This another cover with an accent! Ellie Goulding (of “Lights”) fame, makes this song even more painful than usual. I totally dig that sort of screechy part near the end, normally it would bug me, but for Jolene I make an exception. BTWs, I’m aware that I’m just making up genres. You want accuracy, read Rolling Stone.





This is Eva Ricci – she is a fetus and a power house. I’m kind of in awe of her. You go girl. (I think she might be older than nine, but you know what I mean)





Why is it that when celebrities record covers they always seem to be at some weird garden party? What’s interesting about this one is that Miley Cyrus (not Hannah Montana) is Dolly Parton’s goddaughter. For the most part, she sounds better than I’ve heard her- this is probably due to her killer band – you know, when she doesn’t mess up the lyrics.





I got to admit, I have no idea who Mindy Smith is, but she must be somebody if she got Dolly Parton for her music video. I totally dig this. Enough said.





Right? That is a wig, right? I’m always bad at recognizing those things. Well good for you Julie Lavery – embrace your inner Dolly. The song’s cute too.




This is The White Stripes‘ “Jolene” cover. If you haven’t ever seen it, I’m honestly shocked. I was pretty sure everyone already had. But maybe not everyone has a brother as obsessed with Jack White as. Whatever. I like that it’s a guy singing it. Dolly is universal. We don’t need to play into gender stereotypes to honor her work.


So this ends our Monday Music. Hopefully it’s made you feel a little better. Unless the Bruins lost the Stanley Cup while you were reading. In which case, I’m sorry. Nothing will ever be better ever again.

JK, (kinda)