The 2013 Groundhog Day Live-Tweet

  1. Despite the fact that my iphone went mental and I’ve had three hours of sleep, I am up and ready to tweet #groundhog2013
  2. Oh duh. Maybe I click on the button that says GROUNDHOG DAY LIVE WEBCAST CLICK HERE! #groundhog2013
  3. These fireworks are pretty spectacular, especially when they are accompanied by the BeeGees. #groundhog2013
  4. Oh wait they are introducing the CPR staff which is why they are playing “Staying Alive” #punxsutawnyrules
  5. But in all seriousness I do not feel comfortable learning CPR from a man in a Groundhog hat to “staying alive” while they shout “push hard!”
  6. “Push Hard! Push Hard! Push Hard! We’re Getting Close to Phil! This is Staying Alive By The BeeGees! We Want YOU to Be Staying Alive!”
  7. The man who wrote Groundhog Day is in the audience and they are playing audio of Bill Murray’s lines in honor of this genius. #groundhog2013
  8. Did you know it’s the 20th anniversary of #GroundhogDaythemovie? That’s cool, though I thought it was older.
  9. The inner circle has arrived! They are about to bring Phil out! #groundhog2013
  10. In case you are wondering, yes, I did make a list of all possible hastags to use last night.
  11. But they are singing “I want Phil, Phil, Phil” Well, ovbi, some 800 people want to see Phil – you’re not special. #groundhog2013
  12. Some day, I too will stand in the freezing cold early morning with hundreds of people waiting for an animal to tell me the weather.
  13. Apparently there is no Hannah and Dylan in all of #punxsutawny to come onstage with #FakeBluesBrothers
  14. A rousing round of applause for #FakeBluesBrothers but now it’s time to explain the bus rules for everyone.
  15. Explaining the Exit rules must mean it’s time for #phil at #gobblersknob, right?
  16. Do you think that being a #FakeBluesBrothers is like a stepping stone to being apart of #TheInnerCircle?
  17. The sun is rising on #gobblersknob and it’s almost time for Phil to emerge!
  18. Ok, it’s fine. A little lag-y but hopefully I can still see the #prognostication#groundhog2013
  19. Ok, almost back up and running. #TheInnerCircle is leading the Groundhog Pledge!
  20. Can’t help wondering if it would be more interesting if #TheInnerCircle was wearing the Groundhog Hats the CPR guys had….
  21. Nah, I like their top hats. But it’s always good to question tradition. Like in Fiddler on the Roof. #lifelessons
  22. (side note: am I the only person who puts commas between multiple hashtags?)
  23. #PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. The podcast is working now and they are playing Rusted Root’s Send Me On My Way on #gobblersknob.
  25. Phil really is adorable. I desperately want to cuddle him. #groundhog2013
  26. Well, that seems to be it. If you are at #punxsutawny, I’m totes jelly and I hope you have an awesome day with #phil.
  27. If you are at home and that home is not #punxsutawny, Happy Saturday and remember it’s only #4moreweeksofwinter

After Midnight Bonus Post!

I forgot to mention today, that tomorrow morning (actually like 5 hours from now) I will be Live-Tweeting the Groundhog Day Festivities!

That’s right, I love Groundhog Day -it’s one of my Top Three Favorite Holidays. Seriously, I can not wait to tweet about it tomorrow (later today). I’ll probably start a little after 6am, but I don’t think things really get going till 7-ish. If you don’t want to be up that early to see that, I will post it all up here later in the day (probably after a nap) BUT if you are around make sure you are following me:


…and you’ll get to see all the fun.

Happy February 2nd,