15 Days of Feminism: Day 12- Third-Wave Feminism

(Kathleen Hanna of Riot Grrrl band, Bikini Kill)

So I told myself that I wasn’t going to talk about Third-Wave Feminism because even I don’t totally understand it.But I really don’t think that’s fair to ya’ll so I’m gonna give you a brief intro then end this post with a video that I think will help explain it a bit and is just a nice little portrait of what feminism (all feminism) is about. Cool? Cool.

So, third-wave feminism overlaps with second-wave feminism in that it starts around the late 1980s, early 1990s with the Riot Grrrl movement (that’s radical punk rock feminism for all those not in the know). And as punk lover, I am ashamed to say that I honestly know virtually nothing about any of this and I can assure that research will be done very soon.*

(Riot Grrrl Manifesto)

Anyway, thid-wave feminism has a stronger focus on Women of lower class, non-white, being transgender, human sexuality…basically, if you weren’t a middle class, middle-aged, educated white woman, third-wave feminists said “listen, they can’t discriminate against you either”. And if you doubt me, you can consult wikipedia.

Annnnnnd here’s Jessica Valenti on Feminism:




*Hey, it’s not my fault, ok? Everything I know about punk, I learned from my Dad and I was born in the early 90s so he was too busy watching Rugrats and coping with having a(n adorable) daughter to listen to Bikini Kill. Hell, he didn’t even listen to any band that came after 1988 until I introduced him to the Fratellis in 2007!