Spring Break 2013

Don’t worry. They’re not this cool anymore. #NerdBreak

HAPPY FRIDAY FABNERDS! By the time you see this I will be waiting at the Greyhound station in White Plains where a bus will be en route to pick me up and whisk me away to (apparently) snowy Boston.

It’s been a long semester so far and even though I have like mountains of work to do while I’m there I’m totally stoked to go home and chill out with the Family Going.

I know. Spending your spring break with your family in Boston and not getting drunk in Miami is so completely nerdy. But isn’t that just how we do things here?

And anyway it’s perfect because those following me on Twitter and Instagram (both @TheFabJessGoing) will get to hear all about my lame spring break as I will be posting pics and tweets all week with #NerdBreak.

This is of course, starting with a live-tweet of my six hour bus ride home. Why does it take 3.5 hours to drive to NY, but 6+ when I ride Greyhound? Whatevs, I get Frequent Rider Miles now so it’s all good.

Hope You’re Spring is Sups Nerdy!




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