Two Lessons from BBC America

I was just in a show and because of that, I am really tired, FabNerds. I look like the less-cute version of this:

..and less hairy.

So, today’s post is just going to be two life lessons I learned from British Sitcoms. Because all I want to do is watch Coupling* and Miranda while I make closing night gifts for my cast, and this way I can write a post too. These are important things. Let’s begin:


1. Moisturize to Fight Death

I’ve always said that moisturizing was essential to skin health. Apparently it is also essential to Eternal Life.


2. Sing Everywhere

Even if you suck (which I do). You’ll be happier for it.


That’s all I got for you FabNerds tonight. I’m going to continue to veg, so I’ll be all rested up for Wednesday’s post.




*Except I can’t watch Coupling tonight because Roommate and Other Friend and I always watch it together and they are not here and I don’t want to get ahead. 😦


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