Today’s Blog is from Storify

FabNerds! It used to be that on Storify, you could post directly to your wordpress. Apparently that is not the case anymore. Which I didn’t know until I wrote today’s post. You can view it there until I figure out how to fix this problem.

Until then, I want to give you lovely FabNerds a little bit of a bonus to today’s post. If you saw I was awarding points to people who go my SMASH reference – and if you’ve been paying attention you would realize that it was #imintech. This is reference to Karen’s infamous line in episode 13 of season one, and since there is not video of it ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET, I will recreate it here.


Scene: A charming little restaurant in Boston. Bombshell is in tech rehearsals for it’s out of town tryout. DEV has just come up from the city to surprise KAREN because he feels guilty about making out with his co-worker. He has to do something drastic.

DEV: Will you marry me?

Long pause. KAREN looks distraught and confused.

KAREN: I can’t get married. I’m in tech.

Now Dev is sad…and off the show.

And that’s how you refuse a proposal, folks! To quote the amazing recap of the episode on Vulture“‘I’m in tech.’ Just think of it! Think of all the various unpleasant states of beings this could effectively deflect! I can’t file my taxes, I’m in tech! I can’t be fat, I’m in techNo, I can’t motherfucking hold, I’M IN TECH.” 

Truth be told, after seeing this episode last year, I realized I had to go audition for more shows on campus so I could “be in tech.” Last week, I was so excited I almost forgot that I’m actually in a show and not technical rehearsals. The Roommate, being incredibly supportive as always, even offered to propose to me this week so I could be all: “NO! I’M IN TECH!”

But alas, my tech week is over and I must go get my laundry before I leave for my show tonight. And in honor of Theatre, I end this post with my other favorite SMASH moment. It speaks for itself.

Did you know that was an original song? Yeah, someone wrote that in this century.

Break a Leg,



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