What I Do With My Time

Hello FabNerds! So today’s post is a little different. As you know, I have my Dreaded Junior Seminar on Wednesdays and today we had to share the first draft of the abstract for my senior project proposal. I figured I’d share it below this awesome vintage bowling photo, because after sitting through that class listening to everyone read their proposals I really want to throw heavy balls at things.

What I want to be doing instead of writing my senior project proposal.

What I want to be doing instead of writing my senior project proposal.

For my senior project I would like collaborate with play-writing hopeful, [ROOMMATE] and direct Babble!*– an adaptation of the Tower of Babel story. For those not quite that familiar with the Old Testament, that’s the story where everyone on Earth speaks the same language and they decide to build a tower to bring everyone in the world together. God sees this and realizes that everything will be too easy for these people –nothing will be out of their reach. So he destroys their tower and confounds their speech. The town is then named Babel.

Our play would take this classic tale from the Bible and place it in a metaphysical world that is not quite Dante’s Paradiso and not quite a 21st Century Westchester County Starbucks queue.

At the time of writing this (first draft of this) abstract, the play is not completed. This might be a problem for some, but I see it as a wonderful opportunity to expand upon the director/playwright collaboration. We put together readings of sections of the play this will allow us to see and hear the words she’s so artfully penned (really, she pens first and types later) in a new light. What works? What doesn’t?  Do we really need an actual tower? It is by blundering through these readings that we hope to work out these questions and further develop the play.

Now you want to know how I am going to direct this whole thing, don’t you? And while I think it is an absurd question to ask at this point in time, I respect the Senior Project Process and will try to answer to the best of my ability. The production will be a relatively minimalistic, that is due to the nature of the play, but it is also just more practical. Staging will be more in the realm of realism; as realistic as play set in a metaphysical world can be. However, I do believe that all the actors will be onstage at all times. Again, this is due to the nature of the play (things are constant, what we do/say affects those around us) but, again, is also practical because The Underground is lacking in a “backstage area”. JESSICA: DO NOT FORGET TO FINISH WRITING THIS PART. ALSO, MAYBE DELETE THE RHETORICAL QUESTION–DOES IT ALL SOUND INSULTING??? YOU SHOULD JUST GIVE UP NOW.

Ultimately, I hope that the play will be (among other things) examination of the ways we communicate with each other for better or worse. How has that changed from 100 years ago? From 2,000 years ago? From over 4 Billion years ago? These are big questions and I can’t answer them, but I can think about them in a directorial manner.

*Working title from my imagination. In no way affiliated with the ideas of the playwright. Plus, I don’t think she’d like the exclamation point at the end.


It’s a real working draft, and that’s not all of it, but I thought it’d be nice for ya’ll to see what I do when I’m not being all Nerdy and Fabulous.






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