Monthly Obsessions #2- Feburary

Hello FabNerds! Happy End of February! If you ask me, it’s about time. Now, I know that Monthly Obsessions is a new thing here, but I’m already going to mix it up a little bit because instead of talking about a bunch of different things that I’m obsessed with, there is really only one thing that has been occupying my brain space this month: Covers of Marah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”.

Who wouldn’t be obsessed?

Let me explain. Sometimes when I hear a song, I think to myself “I bet there are some really great covers of this on YouTube.” Then I spend the next few days/weeks looking them all up and breaking  my favorites down into categories. Am I the only one who does this? I hope not because it’s super fun.

So that’s what I will be doing for you today. A note before we begin: I ripped all of these videos directly from YouTube*, some of these people are honest-to-goodness musicians who are putting themselves out there. This is a lot of work and puts you in a vulnerable position. I really respect that, and I hope FabNerds, that you do to. And if you like something, you should go to that artists own YouTube channel (which I will link) and support their music in whatever way you can (buy their shit, or just listen and give them a thumbs-up!).

Now let’s rock this!

The Original:

Remember this video? Doesn’t Mariah make camp look like such fun? I never went to camp, but my roommate did and she says it is not actually this glamorous. But that’s just Miss Carey’s thing, so more power to her. I think at this point we can all agree this is a Classic Jam, so now that it’s in your heads let’s see how some more people butcher it! (jk) From here the next logical video search is…

The Celebrity Cover:

I’m not a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, but aside from her not knowing the difference between “Couple’s Skate” and “Group Skate” (I hate when people get Roller Disco references wrong) it’s a very enjoyable cover. She does a good job of  honoring Mariah in the song and still making it a little more Kelly. Ok, time to move on.

The Indie-Acoustic Cover:

This is from Hana Pestle (click her name for her channel!). Love the fuzzy pinkish lighting and the window. Very LA. I find this a good cover to listen to when you need to kick-back. It’s like Mellow Mariah. I think she has an album out. Next!

The Pop Cover:

Cover by Lauren James. Who doesn’t love a good synth cover?!  A fun rendition.  A little something when you wanna spice it up a bit. Also, I’m one of those people who always thinks it’s cool to see people recording at microphone with the headphones on and so forth. It’s like a peek behind the curtain, even when we all know that the headphones are actually connected to nothing. 

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Traditional A Capella Cover:

It’s Mariah an it’s collegiate a capella. I shouldn’t have to explain it anymore.  From University of Michigan’s Amazin’ Blue. I love their costumes.  And of course, this leads to the next obvious category.

The A Capella Cover with CHOREOGRAPHY:

UCB’s Artists In Resonance gave us this indelible piece of choreo. So not only do we get a great cover, but we get to enjoy some sick step-touches and lyrical miming. Not that I’m complaining, I made my living teaching dances like that over the summer. A least that choreographer probably did not have to deal with these talented ladies’ puking up ice cream sandwiches. I’m not linking the YouTube channel here because it appears to be the channel of someone who just REALLY LOVES A CAPELLA. Google the group to find more, I guess? Moving on.

The Male Rock Band Cover:

The YouTube Channel here gives me know insight to the band, so I’m asking if anyone has any information on this video. Am I supposed to know this Fang Island? Are they still together? Do they record? What’s the deal? I hope they are just obscure and I’m not just that outta sync with the rock (metal?) scene. Even though the audio is a bit shitty, I really really like this one. I like that the whole crowd gets involved and I like that star sweatshirt. It’s all pretty awesome. And,  finally…

The Kick Ass Mash-Up Cover:

So not only does Bluebird‘s Briana Cuoco (also of The Lydia Bennet, one of the spin-offs to my Beloved Lizzie Bennet Diaries and sister to that chick from the Big Bang Theory) do a fantastic cover of this Carey Classic, but they mash it with one of my FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME. Like, how kick-ass can you be? I think it’s the perfect end.

So that’s what’s on my mind this month, FabNerds. I really hope you’re not sick of that song now. I know I’m not. Just remember, you’ll always be my baby.



*Which means I did not ask the owners for permission. Please, nobody sue. I has no cash.


Let’s Talk About HATS, Baby!

It’s time to get real FabNerds. We’ve been on this journey a while now and I feel like I need to come out and tell you all something very personal…

I. Love. Hats.

I know, I didn’t mean to pull a Jodie Foster there, but it’s true. I am obsessed with hats. I have been for a while now and I don’t think my opinion is going to change anytime soon. I have a whole board about them on Pinterest. See, some people view hats as an accessory, but to me, hats are a way of life. Have you ever been in a fashion-crisis? You know, when you’re trying on everything you own and NOTHING seems to be doing it for you? You need to add an little bit of….something, but you don’t know what? Well, nine Jessica’s out of ten will tell you that the cure to this is actually a hat.

Don’t believe me? Well, aren’t we contrary today. Here are some reason that will change your mind and get a hat on that stubborn noggin of yours!

1. You are having a bad hair day-


I’m glad I’m wearing this beanie so no one can see my roots.


Are your locks too flat? Too all over the place? Too lazy to be washed? Stick a hat on that disgusting hair of yours and not only will you look super chic, but the source of all your anxiety will be safely hidden away.


2. You want people to think you are cool-


I wear hats, because I am amazing

Yes, Bruno Mars is already cool, but when he’s wearing a hat it gives him that added air of mystery which makes him inapproachable and therefore EVEN COOLER. And if a hat can improve Divine Perfection like Bruno Mars, think about what it can do to your image. Speaking of, you should also be wearing a hat if…


3. You want to elevate your social status-


Who cares about the rain in Spain when I’ve got this giant hat to keep me dry? And fancy.

Eliza Doolittle didn’t just learn to speak properly, remember? She rocked a mother of a hat like it was nobody’s business!


4. You need to remind the world that you still exist-


Meme us! Meme us!

Feeling invisible? Stone-cold PROOF that hats make people notice you. Not only were Beatrice and Eugenie more talked about than the exquisite Kate Middelton on her own wedding day, but there was more buzz about them than Pippa’s ass. And people really like Pippa’s ass.


Believe me now? Thought you would. Don’t worry. This conversation isn’t over, but I know it was a lot so I want to give you a day or two to process. While you’re working out the wonders of hats, I’ll leave you with a picture of me in one of my many favorite accessories.

May the Hats be with You,


One of my more glamours hats. And an awful laptop reflection in my sunglasses. :(

One of my more glamours hats. And an awful laptop reflection in my sunglasses. 😦