Pulling a Ben Affleck

The Comeback Kid

Hello FabNerds!

(yes, I know I haven’t blogged in months – but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a new pet name from my readers, right?)

I know it’s been a while, I know that WordPress thought I forgot about it- but that could not be farther from reality. In truth, FabNerds I have thought about you everyday for these long, long months. You know it’s true because I sound extra melodramatic. I think when I wrote my last post I was just really confused at what I wanted this blog to become. It started out as sort of a history of feminism, but then I wanted it to become something more personal. And then I felt like it was a bit sloppy. I wanted to keep writing and working through those issues, but I was having a massive block.

However, it is now the year 2013 and things a looking brighter. My Grandmother likes to remind me that 13 is a lucky number and I’m definitely feeling it. One of my own New Years Resolutions is to write more (I’m sure you’ll hear about the others in due time) and this is Exactly the place for it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, FabNerds and NerdFabs, may I present to you….

Nerdy and Fabulous 2.0!

Ok. You get it. New Year. New Blog. Well, it’s not new, it’s still this blog, but it’s like metaphysically new? Like Born-Again new? Like Ben Affleck “starring ” in Daredevil and the directing Argo and being kick-ass new. This is N&F’s comeback.

So here’s how it’s going to work: I’m instituting some much need regularity and consistency. The reason this blog was named what it was, is because I’ve never felt like I’ve fit a mold. I’ve always felt that, yeah, I know a lot about medieval drama and literature – but I’m also this, like, pop culture sponge who understands what it means if someone says a band was Hootified (Like Hootie and the Blow Fish). And I’m really concerned about the environment, but I’m also really concerned about whether or not my new haircut looks good with all of my hats. Are you getting it, yet?

So here is our new mission statement of sorts: Nerdy and Fabulous is a blog for women who don’t fit in to one category, who love to learn new things, stay positive, and strive to live up to ALL of their potential. 

I’m going to try and post about all the different things that matter to me from skin care to Shakespeare to shopping to the SAG awards*. And that’s not all. TheFabJessGoing (that’s also my twitter handle!) is actually going to have regular posting days! Right now I think it’s going to be Wednesdays and Fridays by 2pm. Well, that time might change, but let’s see what happens. And, of course, I might still post on bonus days like this one.

I’m also going to be posting my Monthly Obsessions on the 30th (or 28th if you’re February) of each month. Think like Oprah’s Favorite Things but a little broader of a category and I’m not sending anyone to Fiji. And I’m going to do more with our Facebook Page and my personal twitter (@TheFabJessGoing) so please like and follow for more of that. Sound .like a good start? I think so too

All right. The Comeback has begun! I’ll see** you Wednesday.

Totally Stoked,



*Actually, the SAG awards are like the one award show I don’t care about, but I wanted to alliterate.

**Well, not really.


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