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I apologize for a lot of things in this post, but I first have to apologize for it’s lack of form or style or anything one looks for in a good blog post. Hell, it probably won’t even have well-structured sentences (in the sense that it lacks the vernacular, I often take on to capture a “bloggy” voice. (Did that even make sense? (Do I even do that?) See what I mean here?) I’m just writing off the cuff.). This is for many reasons, but the top three are…

1. It’s late

2. While writing this I’m reading articles and watching videos and checking emails I’ve been avoiding all day BECAUSE

3. I just finished THIS BOOK. Which everyone should read. It’s great. I sobbed. Twice. And not in the Grey’s Anatomy* kind of way.

So let’s get down to it, shall we?


I have been a real shit of a blog-writer this semester. I apologize for that, honestly. I love writing about all things Nerdy and Fabulous, truly I do, but I took on a lot this semester and I needed to redirect some of my focus. I will try to be more present here, but I make no promises until the summer.


What makes not posting worse, is that I haven’t been posting during WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH! Like, if there was one time I should have been on the ball it’s now. But really I don’t have anything to say.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Women’s History Month is fabulous…beyond fabulous. I was so ready to Nerd Out about it, but I just don’t have anything really good to write. Maybe, I am just still recovering from September’s 15 Days of Feminism? That’s a lie. Really, it’s probably because I know that other blogs are doing a much better job than I am. I have thoughts about it, but really not enough for a post. I was thinking I would include this video? I know, I don’t even like Lady Gaga, but I’m scrounging for content here.

So, here’s what I have to say about WHM: I believe that it is important to honor the lives and struggles and accomplishments of our fore-mothers. And that we continue to work to make them proud by doing fabulous things to better the lives of Women.

It would have been more eloquent if it was 3AM.


I have plenty of updates about me (a post about my IMDB page is soon to come!) but I think we should talk about the Nerdy and Fabulous Daily! An online newspaper that is filled with articles that are both nerdy AND fabulous. You can check it out (Daily) on the Facebook Page (Like it!) or on Paper.li.


That’s it for now. So, I’ll leave you with a cool dance video and two picture from the movie Clueless.



*Because Grey’s is so cheesy it make me cry.