More Valentine’s Fun

Because, once again, this is my Favorite Holiday, I thought I’d put us all in the Valentine’s Day Mood. But before I get into all that, I’d like to remind y’all that V-Day isn’t just for couples as pointed out by HelloGiggles.

All feeling empowered? Good. Now I have haphazzardly selected some Valentines-y videos from the internet, but there’s a lot of them so let’s divide it up into categories.

1.) MUSIC:

 A) Mandy Lee’s Cover of Love Potion Number 9

I’m not crazy about the audio on this, but this lady has a kick ass voice. Additionally, the handing out balloons to total strangers thing? I totally would do that. Very sweet, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day’s “Show other’s you care” manifesto…you know, if holidays had manifestos. Also, this was a HelloGiggles exclusive, so I feel the need to link the original post.

B) Florence and the Machine’s Cover of Not Fade Away

Hands down, best cover of the song I’ve ever heard. And a fun song for V-Day that’s not overly sentimental. Can we also talk about how awesome seeing a Poet for Hire on the street is?


A) “My Funny Valentine” from The Company

 From a dance movie, that isn’t Center Stage, this is just such a sweetly romantic performance. And who knew Neve Campbell was so talented?!

B) Happy Valentine’s From Boston Ballet

 Not actually a dance, but Boston Ballet posted this today, and I think it’s so sweet. Lorna Feijoo and Nelson Madrigal are principals with BB and they are just kind freakin’ adorable. It just makes me smile. Also, my friend saw Lorna Feijoo on an airplane once. I also like the advice they give: “Never fight on Valentine’s. Day before, day after is ok. Never on Valentine’s.” Don’t let anything spoil today.


A) Sweet Home Alabama

I have fond Valentine’s Day memories of this movie. I was in like third grade, and they were advertising the dvd release hard core as “the most romantic movie of the year.” That Valentine’s Day, we had a snow storm. My mom said that if I shoveled the driveway we could rent it. I shoveled the shit out of that driveway, but the snow was still to bad to go out. I was severly bummed and my mom made my dad go to four different store till he found a copy that we bought and watched that night. I still watch it every Valentine’s. Also, I sometimes like to pretend I’m southern.

B) Only You

Marisa Tomei and RDJ are spot on in this fabulously funny movie about love, and fate (two of my favorite topics). I also really want that dress she wears…and an Italian Gypsy blessing.

~~~~~ ❤ ,<3~~~~~~

So That’s it. Hope this inspires you to enjoy the holiday no matter where you are or who you’re with.




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