15 Days of Feminism: Day 9- Gloria Steinem

I feel almost a little silly introducing a post about Gloria Steinem because, from my own personal upbringing, she needs no introductions. However I do recall a conversation in high school (were we talking about Playboy?) where I referenced her and got a whole bunch of blank stares in return. So let me start by explaining that Gloria Steinem was and is one of the most famous and influential members of the Women’s Rights Movement (second-wave feminism).

A graduate of Smith college Steinem worked as a freelance journalist in the 1960s and is most famously known for going under cover as a Playboy bunny and reporting on how women were treated at the Playboy Club. She was a co-founder of the feminist magazine Ms.

It’s hard to put Gloria Steinem in a truly historical context because, even at age 77, she is still extremely active. In 2005 she co-founded the Women’s Media Center, an organization committed to improving the image of women in the media. And it is with her continual work as a feminist that reminds us that nothing has been fully “solved.” As discussed in this video from last July:

(Also if you want more info on what Gloria is up to please check out her official website)

That all means that we just have to keep working and defending ourselves as feminists. Perhaps by attending SlutWalk NYC on October 1?

Good Luck,



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