15 Days of Feminism: Day 5(ish)- Second Wave Feminsim

I’m super behind so I’m gonna make this quick.

First-wave feminism had been about de jure inequalities – injustice that was dictated by the law. After the dust of World War II and the brief Roise the Riveter era had settled, women began to notice that discrimination had not been coming only from the government. It came from their coworkers, the newspapers, radio, their husbands, their mothers, and their friends. Inequalities de facto; a prejudice that runs deep within a community and becomes a societal norm.

Second-Wave Feminism (which  began in early 1960s and ended around the early 1990s) was created to fight against these stereotypes of women. These new feminists wrote books, put on plays, made art and spoke out against the June Cleaver image that women had gained.

These feminists were true revolutionaries (hell, they coined the term Feminism!) challenged everything about the world around them.They didn’t like how popular culture pigeon-holed women so they created their own popular culture. Like this song:

(Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman”- the battle cry of Second-wave Feminism)

If it weren’t for second-wave feminism; we would not have even considered something like SlutWalk NYC.

Be a Revolutionary,




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