15 Days of Feminism Apologies

Just wanted to say I’m sorry for being so late on some of these posts and not doing the last 2ish days (it’s hard to tell when you always post at midnight). I know I am behind, but I need those few days for sleep because now I officially have a cold which sucks for me, but I know you, my faithful readers (mom) do not care how sick I am and just want to learn more about your foremothers in feminism.

Well, lucky for you I am confided to my room for the next 16 hours because of the aforementioned cold and the fact that it wicked rainy out so I will spend a lot of time playing catch up with the posts. It’ll be like you never missed them!

Stay tuned,


P.S. while you are waiting you can check out www.slutwalknyc.com!


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