Let’s have a Chat.

(yes we can, Rosie. yes we mother f%&king can)

I feel like now we know each other enough that I can share this with you: I am a feminist. And a damn proud one at that. Now I know that feminism gets a bad rap; though I am not sure why. Every time I mention that particular F word it is followed by some long-winded debate that undoubtedly makes somebody cry (and I am proud to say it’s never me – though I have felt the extraordinary need to use the other F word on occasion).I understand that not everyone had my “you go girl!” up-bringing. I mean, it was all around me; from my lefty Mom who bought me all sorts of books on the subject and made me analyze Mama Cass’ song “Make your kind of Music” to my Republican father who always encouraged me to go after what I love and tells me I can do anything. These were the things around me that I eventually identified as “feminism”.

Now feminism in this generation is a much broader term then it used to be. Many feminists strongly support one issue regarding women, but not another. HOWEVER, all feminists have something in common. They all believe that women should be treated equally to men. End of story. So, I understand where some people might say “I’m not a feminist” even though they agree with the basic principle of feminism. “Isms” can be scary and you may not feel like you belong under this particular phraseology. That is respectable as long as you don’t let it keep you from voicing your opinions. Because your opinions MATTER.

(They sure as hell can!)

But sadly, yes, there are still people who just simply think that “men are just better than women” (that’s a direct quote. From a Woman. She was serious.). It’s with those people I feel like I am constantly defending myself to people because I think that women should have Equal Rights. It’s like “well, women got the vote, so now everything is OK.” (not a real quote, but practically was) Isn’t that ridiculous?  And these negative voices are getting louder. It’s our job to educate these people on what is really happening. And that is a nice transition into talking about my new favorite organization:

SLUTWALK! (Specifically Slutwalk NYC which is the event I will be attending on OCTOBER 1, 2011.) Slutwalk is an grassroots movement that is happening all over the world “challenging rape culture, victim-blaming and slut-shaming”.  It is declaring that we are all equal no matter who we are, how we dress, or how we act and that we all deserve lives free of violence and hate. This is something really important to me (and it should be important to all women) so I’m not very good at explaining it so why don’t we let this video do it for us:

Doesn’t that just sound awesome? Aren’t you excited to call yourself a feminist now? I am. So excited that until Slutwalk NYC (October 1, 2011)   I will be celebrating Feminists everywhere with 15 Days of Feminism! From now until Slutwalk (15 days from now) I will post every day on a feminism. It could be about part of one of the three movements of feminism or about Famous Feminists (like our good friend Rosie the Riveter up there) or about specific issues facing feminism today. And remember if you are interested in attending Slutwalk NYC you can visit their website (www.slutwalknyc.com) Or find them on the Twitter Thing or the Facebook Thing. Still excited? Good. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Embrace Your Power,



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