Jessica’s got a new blog?Jump Back!

Lorelai: Ha! Jump back!
Rory: Excuse me?
Lorelai: Kevin Bacon, Footloose, reaction to the no dancing in town rule. As revealed to him by Chris Penn, brother to Sean, sage to all.
Rory: I shoulda known.
Lorelai: Yes you should. I don’t know what they teach you in that damn school. -Gilmore Girls

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while. As the Mythical Lauren will tell you, I’m a serial blogger (or really a wannabe serial blogger). It’s a very impulsive thing. Every time I come up with (what I think is) a clever idea for a blog I just jump right in and  start the first post. It’s a process that takes at least ten minutes. I’ve had at least six or seven blogs in my short lifetime. I’ve used various blogging websites (though wordpress  has, by far, been kinder to me). I’ve written under different aliases and made up email addresses, but nothing ever seems to stick. I get bored, or tired, or just don’t feel like posting anymore and I press the delete key. My poor little blog that was going to be so brilliant and witty and fun has faded off into a hazy world of internet interference like that cousin that nobody talks about.

This was a typical story, but not anymore! This is a blog that means something to me. Because, well, it’s about me. Truly I am the personification of “Nerdy” and “Fabulous”. I quote Shakespeare, I like to learn about religious doctrine, and I file all my take-out menus in alphabetical order; that is totes nerdy! But I also wear vintage hats, craft sparklely things for my roommate, and buy expensive nail polish. This is what most (sane) people would call “Fabulous”.

Even my name is a perfect combination of Chic and Geek; Jessica Going. The Going part is obviously the nerd. It’s a gerund and some weird derivative of the Irish name McGowan. Genealogists just completely freak over it. Plus there are like a gazillion puns you can make.

And Jessica, well, what is more Fabulous than Jessica? Think of all the stellar people I get to share my given name with: Jessica Tandy, Jessica Rabbit, Jessica Lange, Jessica McClintock, Sarah Jessica Parker! I mean, I’m keeping some great company here.

(Kathleen Turner- unaccredited voice of Mrs. Jessica Rabbit) 

My point is that this blog is really about everything that makes me, me…so that should give me enough momentum to stick with it, right?

Peace, Love, & Waffle Fries,



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